What you wouldn't expect to see in Evesham on a Monday afternoon
26th August 2009
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On Monday afternoon a Renault Clio crashed straight into a Brick Garden wall belonging to No 1 St Matthews Close, Evesham.  I was on my way to Morrisons with my son and I did a double take as I couldn't believe my eyes. This was about 4 pm in the afternoon and the car was off the road in the wall.

The Police blocked off this part of Charity Crescent only for a short while and there was quite a few onlookers from Morrisons Car Park viewing what was going on.

Since living in Charity Crescent, Evesham, this is the second car that has crashed into a Wall/Fence along Charity Crescent.  I do hope all concerned have not been injured and the owners of the house get their garden back to normal as quick as possible.

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