What do you get a Nine year old for his birthday?
28th September 2010
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My Boy becomes a fully fledged nine year old next week and all he wants for his birthday is Devastator and flights on the new Airbus A380!! I'm refusing to get him another action toy when he has about 11 different transformers that are all in bits under his bed, in the kitchen cupboard and down the back of the sofa - what makes this new piece of plastic any different!!! Until he joins the RAF and trains as a pilot I'm not dishing out for top flights.

I went out and about last week in Evesham for inspiration - popped into Magpie and looked at the trains!! Went into Alworths and looked at the Lego. Got chatting to a very enthuisatic salesperson in Halfords about BMX's and I'm still stuck for ideas. I've given loads of ideas to the relatives who ask me by phone and by email on a regular basis and then buy the complete opposite to what I've suggested.

At least I've sorted the cake from Jo at Meadwell - a large chocolate one to celebrate I've survived another year, the balloons from Nicky at Vale Balloons and the only thing left to do is write out the party invitations remembering who is friends with who at the moment!!!

If you have any good birthday present ideas for a 9 year old, please let me know? Even if they are after his birthday, I can use them for Xmas when the whole shopping list starts all over again.



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