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31st January 2010
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Welcome to the Offenham Road web site.

As you may have heard, an unknown body (employing RPS Planning and Development) are planning to build up to 510 dwellings on a new housing estate at the end of Offenham Road - a green-field site on the edge of Evesham.

The principle point of access for this proposed estate will be on Offenham Road. This could lead to over 500 extra vehicles using Offenham Road each rush hour. (An additional vehicle every 7 seconds.)

It currently takes more than 7 seconds to turn onto Elm Road. This makes it likely that the proposed development will lead to long queues on Offenham Road each morning and evening.

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Building on both sides of Offenham Road...

I have been informed that they are going to build on both sides of Offenham Road.

Offenham Road development on the internet...


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