Litter and Dog Fowling on our Evesham Parks
18th August 2009
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Why is it that an Evesham Park with 3 Dog Poop Bins and 7 Litter Bins has Dog Poo and Litter strewn across the playing field? Last Saturday Buddy cut his paw on broken glass as the top of the field and then polished off some Cornetto wrappers by the Big swing.  His paw luckily has healed but he had sickness and diarrhoea for the rest of that day.

On our walk at Charity Brook in Evesham I take extra Dog poop bags to collect any poo that is too close to the paths where my children or Dog play. It amazes me that several Dog owners are still very careless and use this lovely open space like a tip!!! This morning we picked up 2 lots of Dog Poo as they were near the entrance to the Play park and rocks.  The council have provided this park with plenty of bins and you can even get free Poop Bags from the Wychavon Hub on Abbey Road or we have several Pet Shops in Evesham where you can purchase them from. It is shear laziness and I wish these owners would get the £1000 Fine as quoted on the notices!!

I would like to say Thank you to the Lady who wrote into our local newspaper last week.  This lady was as fed up with the rubbsih as we are and went around the park collecting litter.  But why should we be collecting when we are not the offenders dropping the litter.  Surely they should be increasing the litter pickers from the Council during the summer holidays and ensuring that glass is removed safely.


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