Facebook to Start Charging ?
6th January 2010
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After receiving a message yesterday to say that Facebook is about to start charging, I ask myself will I bother facebooking in the future?

For me and many other users one of the big attractions of sites like Facebook and Twitter is that it's entirely free. Call me mean, but if I were to email the friends I have on those sites, mail them pictures etc then I would be able to do it for nothing.

So if you want to join over 70,000 of us with the same view see here…..:

I immediately became a fan.

With some 72,500 members at the time of writing, a few other social people are fans of the revolution too.

I also remember when Friends Reunited, started charging after a while. This effectively tolled the death knell of their popularity and their members left them in droves .I hear they no longer charge, but for them that's a move too late.

I realise Twitter and Facebook are used  increasingly by businesses (by us at The Best Of for a start!) and for commercial gain, and can see why the Facebook site owners might want to cash in on what has so far been a free marketing tool. However I don't think it fair to charge general users for the privilege of keeping in touch with a few chums.
If they must charge, charge only the commercial users, not the social ones (general public)

Or maybe, I amongst many others, will leave and find somewhere else to socialise online

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