Evesham and Parking
7th March 2009
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Has any one ever done a cost versus income analysis of EveshamsTraffic Wardens ( Or is it Parking Attendants)

Are they covering costs, which must be significant- and if they are, at what damage to local shopping habits? I am a realist , and we cannot allow a free for all as no shoppers would get a look in as all spaces would be full of office and shop employee cars by 9am. But we have got to come up with some solution that helps Eveshm shopkeepers as well as shoppers as well as the council. Councillors in Ivory Towers need to speak to the people on the street and get some real feedback and ideas.

May I suggest that you speak to the Council at Buckingham , a similar size market town a 50 mile drive from here. Thay have large Pay and Display Car Parks - and allow the first 2 hours free.You still need a ticket ( issued free and attached to screen) 2 hours is enough for the locals to use the shops, do the banking - call at the Post Office and have a coffee or snack, without the pressure or expense levied by our local council.

Overstay and you are fined, stay over 2 hours in Short stay and you are fined, Choose to stay all day - pay the fee ( Lower than here ) and explore the town at your leisure.

Come on Wychavon- get thinking and working with the local rate payers ( your employers) and lets help each other here. Closed shops are not the answer for you as who will pay the rates, and how will new businesses be drawn in?

I hope the info packs being sent out to promote the area have apositive response - I hope Vecta get some thing going locally, but perhaps new blood and new ideas are needed here too?

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