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26th January 2010
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Starting next week, on 1st February, thebestof Evesham and National is running a major national campaign to recognise and reward local businesses. Called ’14 Days of Love’ the campaign is encouraging people all over the country to ‘share some love’ with a great local business.

It is the small business owners, right across the UK, that have kept our economy going over the last 18 months. Whatever the economy threw at them, whatever the government did, or didn’t(!), do, no matter how hard it was to get help from the banks, the great British entrepreneur and business owner was there for his or her customers.

So here’s what’s happening:

  • We are embarking on a major media campaign to draw attention to 14 Days of Love, and what it’s all about;

  • Thebestof website is being completely ‘re-skinned’. (We’ll be going all pink and hearts for 14 days)

The ‘Love-o-Meter’ is being unveiled. This will show:

  1. The Top 20 ‘Most Loved Businesses’ in each town – based on how many testimonials they have on thebestof website

  2. The Top 5 Most Loved Businesses in the UK for each business type/category. (for example Top 5 Most Loved Florists, Top 5 Most Loved Accountants etc)

In addition, the Love-o-Meter will also show the ‘Best Lovers’ in each town i.e the people who have given the most testimonials to great local businesses.

You can see, I’m sure, the massive impact it could have on your business if you were to be featured in either of these lists. It will generate huge kudos for you,  lots of publicity and do your reputation no harm at all!

The Love-o-Meter will be updated daily during the campaign – so you have plenty of time to let your customers know about 14 Days of Love so that they can show some love for you and help to boost your score.

At midnight on 14th February we will lock the Love-o-Meter and we will then announce to the world who the Top 20 Most Loved Businesses are in each town/area and also who the Top 5 Most Loved Businesses are in the whole of the UK, by business type.

We expect to generate significant publicity for these announcements – in both national and local media as well as trade press.

Hopefully you can see the huge opportunity that we are making available to you here – for free. If you get behind the campaign and shout about it to all your customers then the benefits to your business could be really huge.

In addition, the top ‘Most Loved Businesses’ in each of our core 144 business categories will be invited to attend the prestigious (and very glitzy!) ‘Best of Ball’  as my guest, on April 23rd.

  • To help create interest and involvement locally, we will also be running a competition each day during the 14 day campaign. Prizes include Premier League tickets, dinner at a top Gordon Ramsay restaurant, Spa days, West End theatre tickets, Annual Passes for Alton Towers/Chessington and host of other goodies. Every testimonial added to thebestof during the 14 days will gain an entry into the draw – and that entry will stay in the draw for every day thereafter.

    So as well as helping your business get recognition, your customers are also in with a chance of winning big themselves.

  • Facebook campaign – we will be plugging into our extensive social media network to promote the campaign aggressively on Facebook and Twitter. Watch this space.

There are basically two ways in which your customers can show some love for you:

  1. They can visit thebestof website at www.thebestofevesham.co.uk and add a testimonial online. (we’ve simplified the whole process ahead of this campaign); or

  2. They can complete one of our approved postcards. If you need a supply of these – or if you need more -  then just give me a call and we’ll be able to provide you with them.

I hope this all makes sense and you can understand what we are seeking to achieve here. I know that those businesses that really get behind this will see enormous benefits for themselves – and it will be fun as well. We’ll be writing to you again during the campaign to keep you updated. Watch this space!

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