"Big Society" comes to Evesham
24th September 2012
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During these difficult Economic times it has become apparent that the traditional business system has been shown to have many fatal flaws. The banking system has collapsed causing economies throughout the world to tighten their belts and introduce severe austerity measures to try and minimise the national deficit. 

The buying and selling of goods around the world has moved away from local small businesses to large multinational corporations who are purely out to make profits for share holders. This is bleeding local economies dry as the money made from consumers goes straight to dividends and not to local pockets. Town centres are dying because of out of town superstores who take all the trade away from the high street shops.

The Government is tasked with the difficult job of returning the Economy to positive growth and reducing the budget deficit. David Cameron has talked about the “Big Society” needing to fill the social care void created by reduced public spending, the solution being to enable grass roots organisations to take over the role of Social Services through charitable and philanthropic means.

Richard Branson writes in his book, “Screw Business as Usual” that human beings need to find a new way of carrying out trade with each other as the traditional capitalist model is now broken.

The Local Initiative for Enterprise is a social enterprise whose main aim is to redress the balance and assist small businesses to get off the ground and hopefully regenerate the High street and the local economy. The business will raise money and reinvest back in the local area by helping and supporting new entrepreneurs in the vital first year. The entrepreneurs will benefit by being covered by a corporate umbrella while still maintaining independence to run the business for themselves.

A selection of the following businesses will be formed in the first 3 years, with the others formed within 5 years:-

Cafe, pet shop, building company, diving school, gardening service, convenience store, bar cafe, boat hire business, ice cream shop, farm shop, taxi service, car service centre, optician, hairdresser, nail bar, tattoo parlour, take away, furniture store, hardware shop, brewery, recruitment company, youth theatre, recording studio, film company, photography service, painting company, art gallery, boxing gym, cycle shop, book shop, fashion outlet, carwash, computer service, electrical shop, builders merchants, handyman service, sandwich service, pound shop, country outlet, tour guide service, hotel and travel agent, supermarket, tea shop, food producer, radio station, sports academy, window cleaning service, laundry service, bakery, indoor market, housing association, social club, youth club, restaurant, pharmacy, newsagent, wine bar, craft shop, farm, boat builder, pet service, printers, chandlery store.

This list is subject to change as potential entrepreneurs come forward with their own ideas.

If you have an idea for a new business in Evesham visit http://www.localinitiativeforenterprise.com/

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