A rant about selfish people in Evesham
8th November 2011
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In my day to day dealings and meetings I like to be straight and honest to everyone – and offer kindness when needed. Isn’t it a shame that we all meet so many nasty people who are rude,thoughtless and downright spiteful?

I will always go out of my way to help and give advice and was saddened to hear this week that in one meeting which I had the business owner had been “pressured” into assigning his entire annual marketing budget to a certain Daffodil coloured company with ( to date ) one enquiry – no doubt the salesperson was on a fat commission and now cannot be contacted.

 ( budget was in excess of £3k ). This I feel is an awful way of conducting business.


Another meeting involved a new business being “bullied” by their ex landlord even though their move to new premises was costly for them- and they were ( more than ) fair in their dealings. The pressure being applied now is a needless strain and waste of energy for the owner as well as the ex landlord to whom I say get a life !!


I live by the mantra of  “If you can’t do someone a good turn- don’t do them a bad one” and “ Its nice to be important –but its more important to be nice”.

Having lost 2 close family members this year if anyone deserves a chance to moan and be miserable its me. But life’s too short ( as I discovered 2 years ago) – so I just get on with doing the best I can for anyone and looking after me and my family.


So this message is to all those selfish, spiteful or greedy people out there – give it a rest, chill out and be nice  !!

End of rant !

Have a nice day



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