Meet the new management and staff at the Wheatsheaf
30th November 2011
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There is new management at The Wheatsheaf on Esher Green and with it, a common interest amongst all the new members of staff... Everyone I spoke with has a meaningful relationship with food!

First, there’s Harry himself, the new owner who lives in Esher above the pub. He made his first pastries with his mother, aged only 3 years old and food is his hobby! He has spent many years working in the west end of London, learning his trade. He is relaunching The Wheatsheaf as a gastronomic pub, serving traditional British cuisine with a twist. He will also been introducing specialty evenings and live music – acoustic guitar and jazz are on the menu, as well as Steak and Quiz nights! He believes in supporting the local economy and sources his food locally, purchases his sprigs of flowers from Buds and Blooms and supports local charity, the Princess Alice Hospice.

Lucy lives in Esher and the Wheatsheaf is her local pub. She often used to dine there with her family before being offered an evening job behind the bar while she studies Hairdressing at Kingston College. She says she has a fascination for food and loves to experiment with different cuisines.

Then there’s Segun, the cellar master, an Aussie from Perth. He developed a love for Cajun and Creole cuisine when he was 15 years old and on holiday in New Orleans to attend the Jazz Festival. He has previously worked as a sous chef to Harry’s chef de partie in central London. He says that Harry is a nice guy, fun to work with and there’s never any stress. The toughest part of his job is dealing with the ghost that haunts the Wheatsheaf... Between them, they have seen glasses jump off tables and heard bolts hitting empty barrels, as well as a baby crying. However, Segun is convinced that the ghost means them no harm as on several occasions it has opened doors for him!

Lucien doesn’t do ghosts. Another professional chef, he too is passionate about food, so much so that as a toddler, he pulled a stool up to the stove, climbed up onto the hot plate and switched it on! Luckily he was saved before he was able to do himself any damage. Three years after that episode he cooked his first Spaghetti Bolognese and began his culinary journey! He is a stickler for good quality ingredients and aspires to opening his own pub one day. Lucien’s claim to fame is that he has worked for Mark Hicks at the top notch Scott’s in Mayfair and at Le Caprice in Piccadilly.

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Below from left to right:  Harry, Segun, Lucien and Lucy

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