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The Southern Homebuilding & Renovating Show has a dedicated Planning Clinic where visitors can get free, impartial advice from Chartered Town Planner, Sally Tagg, on applications and appeals to help you avoid unnecessary delays with your planned projects.
I recently asked local business owners what impact they thought the A307 has on businesses in Esher. People voiced a lot of concern and frustration regarding the current situation. Their comments speak for themselves...
The Men and Women’s Time Trials will take place on Wednesday 1st August. This one day event is hosted nearly entirely in Elmbridge. The Time Trials begin and end at Hampton Court Palace.
The Men’s Cycling Road Race is scheduled for Saturday 28th July, starting at The Mall in central London, entering Elmbridge via Hampton Court and on to Boxhill via Guildford. The Women’s Road Race will take place the following day, Sunday 29th July.
Best local businesses?
Best local businesses?
Seeking recommendations on best local businesses in and around Esher.
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