How to save money on your energy bills
21st August 2011
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As the major energy providers announce that our energy bills are set to soar once again, this time by a sobering 18-20%, it is now impossible to ignore the need to introduce energy-saving services into your home. With this in mind, as part of our ongoing efforts to help you improve your home, we are promoting a system that promises to slice 20-30% off your heating bills.

Low cost, easy to fit and capable of working with your existing heating system, or as part of a new installation, the Siemens designed system will give you far greater control over your heating, and by design, your energy bills. In the past the only choice you have had is to switch your heating system either on or off and adjust your radiators manually. With the Synco Living Home Automation System you can not only digitally adjust the whole heating system room by room, but also create zones based on how your house is being used at the time.

We have never had to know that the thermostatic control of your radiators is sensitive to +/- 1 degree, but since this equates to a huge 10% on your rising bill, then it is certainly worth knowing now. With this new system in your house, that control will be increased to one tenth of a degree, which coupled with zone control, timer programming, and greater control over your boiler, guarantees that you will reduce your energy bills.

What’s more, these can be coupled with other devices, such as window sensors, which detect when a window is opened and reduce the radiator output accordingly. This reduces the amount of energy wasted in trying to heat a room with open windows. You can also link lighting, window blinds, ventilation, air conditioning, smoke alarms and more through the main control unit.

Plus, for the technically savvy amongst you, if connected to the internet, you can control the system from your mobile phone! For example, when you go away on your Christmas holidays, rather than leaving the heating on in an empty house for two weeks or returning to a cold house which takes time to warm up, you could switch the heating on when you land at Gatwick and the house is warm and welcoming when you get in!

You can expect to cover the cost of a basic system within 4-5 years on an average sized house, but if you were to try and recall the last time you heard energy companies were slashing the price of energy, then it really does make sense to invest now.


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