From midnight walker to volunteer and now poster girl!
9th July 2011
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With Princess Alice Hospice celebrating 25 years of caring when it matters this year there was no doubt in the fundraising teams mind that events had to be bigger and brighter than ever before. 2011 was to be a year of celebrating achievement and the ‘25th anniversary MIDNIGHT WALK’ on Saturday 16 July will be bright as the event takes on a silver theme and encourages walkers to be inspired by the 80s.

One person involved in the walk has certainly been motivated by the Hospice and the care and support it provides and Seema Chaudry has thrown herself fully into marketing the event, distributing flyers and even becoming one of the poster girls for the event.

Seema Chaudry, from Twickenham, said:

‘At first I didn’t think I would ever be able to walk into Princess Alice Hospice without crying and feeling the immense loss of my father. I soon realised that I would never get over the loss, but just learn to remember him through positive and happy memories. Attending the monthly service of remembrance at the Hospice meant I no longer had to grieve in isolation. The Hospice continued to support me after my father passed away as they had done during his illness.’

The Midnight Walk in 2010 marked the beginning of Seema’s fundraising journey and was a great way for her to bond with other like minded people who had gone through similar experiences. Many walkers use the event to remember their loved ones and wear special placards provided by the charity, this year’s walk will also include a special dedication balloon release at midnight.

Seema Chaudry said:

‘I have developed a deeper relationship with the Hospice and now volunteer within the events and fundraising team, I am keen to do all that I can to help the Hospice and if that includes dressing as a silver glam rocker then so be it. I know that my papa will be very proud of everything I am doing and that inspires me to get further involved with the charity’.

The charity is calling more walkers to join the hundreds who have already signed up to walk with 9 or 13 miles, the £15 entrance includes an 80s flashing headband, goody bag refreshments and the chance to be part of something BIG!”

The charity is hoping to raise £140,000 from the event, that would mean that in one night walkers could raise enough to fund an entire week of Hospice care, this sum would pay for all care and support in the Day Hospice, on the In-Patient Ward and within the homes of over 800 patients receiving care from community based Princess Alice Nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers.

Chris Crooker, Event Fundraiser said:

‘Each walker will make a difference and together will help us to support patients throughout surrey, south west London and Middlesex, it costs over £7 million a year to provide our services free of charge, so we hope loads of people join us on the walk, and remember it is open to anyone over 12 years of age be they male or female, this is a sponsored walk with a party theme for the whole family’.

For information about the Hospice’s 25th anniversary Midnight Walk, visit contact or call (01372) 461 869.

From left to right: Seema Chaudry, Chris Crooker and Sara Eves

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