10 Reasons to Buy Local in and around Esher
7th December 2011
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There are many well-documented benefits to our communities and to each of us when we shop at local, independently owned businesses. We realise it is not always possible to buy what you need in and around Esher, but for several reasons given below, we ask you to explore your options locally first:

WEALTH: By shopping locally, we keep our wealth flowing within our community. Many local shops are owner managed and revenues generated are spent within Esher and surrounding villages. Shopping in Kingston or Guildford takes money out of our community and it will never come back, making other areas richer and Esher poorer.

COMMUNITY: By visiting local restaurants instead of heading out of town, we meet more local people. Esher has a vibrant restaurant culture and we can put the buzz back into the community and feel more connected by dining locally.

SAVE MONEY: It’s cheaper to shop locally. Not only do we spend less on travel costs, many local businesses can compete with big chains on price – they just don’t have the massive marketing budgets to tell us so! Also, local businesses are keen to reward loyal customers with Special Offers and other money-saving opportunities.

MORE CHOICE: If we shop locally, we produce more income for local businesses which means they can spend more on stock and offer us more ranges. Without us taking the initiative, we will have more shops closing, more bankruptcies, less choice, less value and a shabbier High Street.

SERVICE: Many small businesses have been set up by owners who are passionate about their products and services. They tend to hire staff who are equally passionate about the business. We often get better service from someone who cares about what they are supplying and they really appreciate our custom.

JOB CREATION: If we don’t shop locally, our community suffers. Reduced sales leads to shops closing down resulting in fewer jobs for local people. Supporting local entrepreneurs results in business growth, more job opportunities and a more dynamic, thriving community.

RELATIONSHIPS: By choosing to support our local businesses, there is more chance that our relationship with our contacts will actually prosper. It’s easier to resolve problems with a purchase if you have a good working relationship with the supplier. Working through issues so that everyone wins creates stronger bonds and a stronger, healthier community.

RECOMMENDATIONS: By using local services, we become very knowledgeable about our business community. That means we become more powerful as consumers and as a voice for continuous improvement.

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: A lot of local businesses contribute to Esher Christmas Lights, adding a touch of festive spirit to our High Street. The closer local residents and local businesses work together, the more we can accomplish together and have fun doing so!

ESHER BUSINESS AWARDS 2012: Celebrate local entrepreneurial talent! Watch out for details of thebestof Esher business awards as voted by local people. Exercise your consumer clout and review your favourite local businesses, the ones that make a real contribution to the quality of your life in Esher. Details to follow shortly...

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