You will need a WILL - free seminar with TWM #Epsom
14th October 2011
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Nowadays many of us live complicated lives with extended families and complex relationships.


It is often only when the tragedy of the loss of a loved one occurs that another tragedy unfolds – that of discovering that some of those relationships – even ones which have proved the test of time – may have no legal standing.


This is not something which can be sorted after the event – it is something which has to be done ready to protect the people we love.


It is not always a subject that people want to face head on, that of Wills and Power of Attorney.  But by putting these in place in the same way as you might your financial affairs for example, can be a real help to those closest to you when they need to be called upon.


 TWM Solicitors invite you to a free Seminar on 10th November 4-6pm at their Guildford offices.


Your chance to talk to the people who know.


For more information on this Free Seminar Visit TWM PRESENTATION

Places at the seminar are limited, so you should book now. 

Please contact Nick Shrimpton on 01483 752740 or email Nick Shrimpton .


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