Yes I remember it well – the fragrance will stay with me forever @So_Lippy
3rd November 2014
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Memories are made up of many things and not just visual. 

The perfume she wore – his aftershave. 

Like many things in this consumer world – the suppliers are continually bringing out new items – so some of our favourites take a back seat – which means they become hard to get hold of. And it often does not take long for that to happen. 

So Lippy can help.

They have contacts – they use their experience in finding those items which are not stocked at most stores. 

At the moment

Boss Intense by Hugo Boss for Women Eau De Parfum EDP Spray

 Is in demand – but is very hard to find – but So Lippy can get it for you. 

It’s more than buying a fragrance – it’s keeping a memory. 

Take a look at So Lippy website – perhaps there is something there for you. But if not – just contact So Lippy. 

You can Order On Line 

Email So Lippy 

Give them a call on 01372 727577 

Or why not pop by their shop and take a look at the great range of fragrances, cosmetics and gifts they offer 

It’s more than buying a fragrance  - it’s keeping a memory


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