Why should you choose and independent insurance broker instead of a direct insurer? @OsborneandSons
14th May 2018
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Instead of going directly to an insurer or trying to use the internet to find what you need, you could save time and money by seeking out an independent insurance broker. An independent insurance broker will cut out wasting time searching for what you think you need on the internet and actually take the time and care to listen to you and understand what you actually need from your insurance policy.

An independent insurance broker will review a range of appropriate insurer’s (so not just the one if you were to go Direct or the insurer giving the internet provides the best commissions should you use the internet) on the market on your behalf and make sure that you get the cover you need at the best price. This is an advised sale that comes with better rights of recourse should the advice be misleading or incorrect. By interacting one to one with an insurance broker you ensure that you are talking to a real person and expert as opposed to a salesperson or nobody at all. If you do choose to go directly to a big insurance company or use the internet, then you risk obtaining insurance via a non-advised sale with little recourse. In addition, in the event of a valid claim, the broker will help fight your corner adding valuable expertise to ensure the claim is met. All too often insurer’s attempt to avoid valid claims on the most tenuous grounds!

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