Who takes care of your business if you can’t? Possibly not who you want to. #CuffandGough
15th March 2013
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Do you own a business? Do you own property? Do you have some savings? Do you have a family?

Most people will answer Yes to at least one of these questions.

Here’s another question –

If you were suddenly unable to take care of your own affairs – who would do this for you?

You may think – I’ve made a will and it’s all clearly laid down there – but you are not gone yet – and your wishes in your will do not apply until you go.

You may think – it’s OK my manager at the office can deal with it. Unless you have already given that manager legal rights to act on your behalf - then no they cannot take care of it.

You may think – my spouse – but again unless you have already given legal rights to act on your behalf – then no they cannot take care of it.

You may think – it’s OK I can transfer things over to them now – but remember you are suddenly unable to do this – usually through loss of mental faculties due to illness or accident.

So who will do it – unless you have made prior provisions – The Court of Protection will. So strangers from this government department will assess who they think should handle your affairs. They may not even choose people you know ..

Would you really want this to happen?

“unless you have already given legal rights”:

So how do you give these legal rights to people you choose and you trust – to act on your behalf– Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA).

Cuff & Gough Solicitors in Banstead have extensive experience in working with LPA’s.

Take a look at the attached document – it explains what it really means.

Want to learn more – then give Jeremy at

CUFF & GOUGH a call on

01737 851827

If you own a business or property or have savings – then this is something you should seriously consider.

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