Want to see happy people - watch Olympic Torch Relay Live - makes you proud to be British
26th July 2012
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The coach following the Torch bearers says MOMENT TO SHINE!! - and for thousands of people it has been a very special moment.

Whether you are a sports lover or not – this year is a tremendous honour for Britain – and that’s for every corner of the country. So how great to see the torch being presented to all those places.

The TV shows us highlights of the famous faces holding the torch – and those who have got there against incredible odds, and notable moments – like the marriage proposal on route.

But most of those people running are not famous to the rest of the world, and often not to people outside their own circle. Many will have been fortunate to have been selected in random draws – others through their companies involvement, and many for services to their local communities or our nation.

To me, all of these people have one thing in common – their SMILE and their look of incredible pride.

The first thing they do is smile and wave. The look of joy on their faces is fantastic, and the reception by the crowds is just wonderful.

Strangers meeting – probably for the one and only time – greeting each other with a wonderful feeling of joy and pride.

If you don’t get a chance to see the relay in person visit


Watch the ordinary British show the world the joy we feel at hosting the Olympics, and what it means to us.. The Olympics won’t be with a long – those few precious weeks will soon be gone. Probably most of us will not be around should the Olympics come here again.

So please – enjoy it while it lasts

Makes you Proud to be British!!


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