Want a healthier lifestyle in 2017? Try @EbbishamSports in #Epsom
3rd January 2017
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Ebbisham Sports Club, a friendly, not-for-profit community club in Epsom (5 mins from Epsom station) can help with your New Year resolutions if you want to get fitter, healthier, happier or just try something new and different in 2017!

As well as our usual badminton/squash/racketball/tennis/touchtennis Club sessions, we have some new initiatives starting from next week:

PILATES SESSIONS - on Sunday mornings from 8/1/17.  £8 Non-Members, £5 Members

TAI CHI SESSIONS - on Friday afternoons 2-3pm from 13/1/17.  £5 Non-Members, £4 Members (all proceeds to charity)

CARDIO TENNIS - Wednesday mornings 9.30-10.30am from 10/1/17.  £8 Non-members, £7 Members

SOCIAL BADMINTON - Monday evenings from 7.30pm from 9/1/17.  £5 Non-Members, £3 Members

GET ACTIVE 50+ RACKETS MORNINGS - Thursdays 9.30am-12pm from 5/1/17.  Learn/play 6 different rackets sports - badminton, racketball, squash, tennis, touchtennis and table tennis.  £5 Non-Members, £3 Members

GET ACTIVE 50+ RACKETBALL - Beginners on Monday mornings 10-11.30am and Wednesday afternoons 2-3.30pm and Improvers on Tuesday afternoons 2-3.30pm from 2/1/17.  £3.50 Non-Members, £2.50 Members

EZEESPORT CLASSES - multi-sport, fun, foundational sport skills for children aged 2-7 years from 9/1/17, daytimes and afternoons after-school.

Contact the Ebbisham Office on 01372-720647 or admin@ebbisham.com for more details or look at our website www.ebbisham.com .


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