Vox Pops International backs Zone 6 campaign with video
14th June 2012
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Vox Pops International donated its skill and time to create a video of interviews with people on the streets of Epsom giving their views on the issue.

Charlotte de Maria, from the firm, said: "Having been established for over 20 years as a research, video and communications agency, Vox Pops International, based in Ewell West (included in Zone 6), wanted to show their support for the Epsom Guardian and bring to life their campaign.

"By interviewing Epsom commuters, business owners and Epsom Guardian reporter Hardeep Matharu, we were able to capture the powerful voice of the local community in a compelling video to help support the campaign."

See the Video at YourLocalGuardian

For more details visit Zone Six Campaign  and Sign On-line Petition


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