Visit the Ewell Archaeological Dig on Ewell’s Village Fair Day @epsomewellbc @surreyarch
4th July 2013
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Saturday 13th July


As part of the Ewell Village fair you will have the opportunity to visit Ewell’s very own archeological dig.

See the archaeologists in action – and find out what they have uncovered.

Meet the team and see what a ‘live’ dig really involves.

A 3 week excavation is taking place in Church Meadow in the centre of the village – this is a part of a project which is spread over the next three or four seasons. They are looking to uncover information on the settlement which was there and grew up along the Roman road – Stone Street – running between Chichester and London.

The site is earmarked to become an extension of St Mary’s Churchyard – and this gives an opportunity to retrieve and record archaeology.

This years volunteers are all from Epsom & Ewell History & Archaeology Society and Surrey Archaeological Society.


The open day will be run between 10:30am and 3:30pm – access through Vicarage Drive (on Church Street)

For full details see EWELL VILLAGE FAIR

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