Vicious dog hounds pets in Hook Road Arena but authorities powerless to discipline owner.
16th July 2012
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A vicious dog has been able to carry out a dozen attacks in recent months because the authorities are powerless to discipline its owner.

The dog, believed to be a black and tan Staffordshire cross, has repeatedly attacked other dogs in Hook Road Arena and has scared away many dog walkers and park users according to one angry owner.

The woman whose puppy was one of its victims is calling for effective action to stop its reign of terror and animal welfare charities are calling for legislation to cover owners whose dogs attack other pets.

The resident, who walks her cocker spaniel poodle in the arena, said the owner, in her fifties, allows the dog to run off the lead and is well aware of the attacks by it over the past eight months.

She said the police and Epsom and Ewell Council’s park ranger have been sympathetic over the attacks, but say they cannot take action.

Under the Dangerous Dogs Act, criminal sanctions can be placed on dog owners if a dog is "dangerously out of control" - but only for attacks on individuals.

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