Use IMMOBILISE to log your valuables for FREE - Crime Prevention tips for #Epsom
20th December 2011
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You’ve been given some lovely and valuable presents – and heaven forbid they get stolen…

What are the chances of getting them back or tracing the thief?

The chances are a lot higher if you have taken the following pre-cautions:

IMMOBLISE – An on-line FREE registration service where you can log your valuables giving a description – photo if you have one – serial number etc.  Create your own inventory of your items.

§  Immobilise helps police identify the owner of lost & stolen property thousands of times each day.

§  Loss & theft updates you make are immediately available to the Police nationally.

§  Combat the sale of stolen gadgets & valuables; alert the second-hand trade & publicly checkable stolen goods database if an item goes missing.

§  Simplify insurance claims and Police reports with certificates of ownership.

§  Great member offers from Immobilise's numerous supporters, often helping support provision of Immobilise.

§  These features are unique to the FREE Immobilise service.

If you think IMMOBLISE is not for you – then ‘property mark’ your valuables with your postcode and house number.

Visit IMMOBILISE for more information.

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