Train company Southern says NO to Zone 6 for Epsom #EpsomZone6
15th June 2012
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Chris Grayling MP for Epsom has demanded a meeting with the head of train company Southern after it refused to include the town in Zone 6.

The rejection came in the form of a letter to Chris Grayling from the stakeholder relations manager, who said it was planning to introduce a new smart card system across the network, but had no plans to extend Zone 6 to Epsom.

The slap in the face arrived as The Guardian’s online petition on the issue approaches 2,000 signatures.

Mr Grayling has now asked to meet Southern’s chief executive, Chris Burchell, in person to "argue the case for change".


For full article from Hardeep Matharu visit yourlocalguardian

For more details visit Zone Six Campaign  and Sign On-line Petition

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