Thinking Ahead... "How long will recovery take from my surgery?" @SurreyPlasticSS
26th May 2015
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Thinking ahead

We often get asked the question ... "how long will recovery take from my surgery?"

The answer to this is not black and white.

Cosmetic surgery, as with any other surgery needs recovery time.  The length of that time will depend on the type of surgery you've had, and your age and general health.  It's different for everyone, but we can always give a "ball park" figure.

If you have an important date in your diary, that you want to look your best for, the best advice we can give you is to 'think ahead'   It's just like having a fake tan or waxing or you eyebrows redone, you plan for the downtime and the optimum "looking good" time to coincide with your special occasion, whatever that maybe. Whether it be a holiday, and you want breast implants, or a tummy tuck, to get your beach body on track, whether it be a wedding and you want your eyes to look amazing for the photographs, or if you've been going to the gym, and need a bit of liposuction to bodysculpt ready for the next step, then planning ahead is by far the best way to do it.

We would always suggest you have your surgery a good while before any major occasion ...just to be sure that you look and feel wonderful.

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