The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning – Are You having an event in the area? @macmillancoffee
12th August 2014
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The day is Friday September 26th

The World's Biggest Coffee Morning is Macmillan Cancer Support's biggest charity fundraising event.

They ask people across the UK - and sometimes further afield - to hold a coffee morning, where donations on the day are made to Macmillan.

In 2013 154,000 people signed up to coffee morning, raising a record £20 million for charity.

This year they want to raise even more money to help change the lives of people affected by cancer. Find out about how Macmillan helps

Do you want to be part of this – perhaps your own coffee morning?

Take a look at

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning 

You can get their free Coffee Morning Kit – giving tips and ideas on how to run your event. 

Are you having an event in the area-  Epsom Ewell Banstead Ashtead or close by?

If so we would love to know about it – and will be happy to add this to our site – and facebook for you.

Just email or add the event on our website

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