The sun shone in Walton on Saturday as The May Queen was chosen @WaltonMayPag
18th March 2013
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Yes it may have been a miserable day outside but inside it was all smiles as the children on Walton-on-the-Hill gathered inside for the annual selection of the new May Queen and her attendants.

The annual pageant is a great day out and the new Queen, her attendants, the Spirit of May, Woodland Princess, Jack of the Green and the Chimney Sweep play a big part.

The new Queen was selected – the lovely Greta Prince, and last years Queen Rhianna Denny was there to see her crown passed on.

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So now it’s all feet forward to:

WALTON MAY PAGEANT. – click and read more

Saturday  18th May

A great day out – lots of do – lots to see – and lots of visitors to this lovely village. 

AND not too late to get involved – advertise in the brochure – have a stall…

(PS – apologises for the ‘red eye’ – I’m not the greatest photographer ..Maggie)

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