The KNITVITY sends us Baaahmy again - St Mark’s Epsom Downs #knitivity
22nd September 2014
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St Mark’s – Epsom Downs Knitivity was a fantastic success last year – with a flock in excess of 120.. 

St Mark’s have gone baaahmy as the sheep flock into Epsom for the Knitivity


This year we will again have a travelling Knitivity around the Epsom Downs area. A knitted version of the Nativity travels from home to home- it comes with all the character and a simple version of the Christmas story. Each home that hosts the Knitivity keeps a knitted sheep. (the sheep is invited to a dress up nativity and to Christmas day at St Mark's -humans welcome too!)

Please could you knit a sheep for us to give to the hosting children.

The Knitivity also visits the local schools, Library and some care homes. 

Attached is the knitting pattern. 

Sheep can be dropped off at St Mark's Vicarage on St Mark's Rd KT 18 5RD

or call Des 01737 353011 

If you require more information on the KNITIVTY please contact

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