The Derby - bringing strangers to the area - is your home safe?
16th May 2012
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Summer at last (well nearly) , so we open the windows and enjoy the barmy weather.

But what happens if we forget to close them?

It could be just an hour ' or during a family holiday ' but

it only takes a burglar a few moments to get into your property.


And with the many celebrations going on in the country this year ' burglars will be prowling on the days they expect us to be out..and The Derby will soon be here - bringing strangers into the area. 


Ask anyone who has been burgled, and I am sure they will agree ' it's a terrible feeling when you return to your home and discover the personal intrusion on your property.

There's not just the repair to secure the place ' there's also the clean up inside ' which can be soul destroying as you finally discover just what has been taken.

Many of the items may be easy to replace, whilst others can never be ' even if they are insured.

Often people think ' they wouldn't choose my house ' I've got nothing worth stealing ' there are much better houses nearby. if the houses nearby are secure and yours isn't ' it could be your unlucky day.

Is your home secure? Think about it.

Did you lose the key to the dead lock on the back door so only rely on the Yale lock holding?

I'm only nipping out for a few minutes I'll not bother with the mortice.

Had an extension ' so now ' once at the side of the house a burglar is totally unseen as they gain access?

It's OK - they did the other properties in my area a few months back ' they won't  be here again for a while?

For advice on your home security ' be it a new lock to an automated system - give INFOCUS SECURITY SYSTEMS a try. A local company with years of experience, they know how to deal with your concerns.

Their motto 'We Stop Them Before They Get In'.

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