The clinicians involved say Epsom doctors do not support the BSBV review
15th February 2013
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Epsom’s doctors do not support their threatened hospital’s inclusion in the Better Services Better Value (BSBV) review and believe attempts have been made to silence opponents, according to an open letter by doctors involved in the process.

Hassan Shehata, Janet Nicholls and Guan Lim, who work at Epsom Hospital and sit on clinical working groups (CWGs) which feed back to the BSBV review, have written a letter saying that despite claims that clinicians are in support of the process, this support "does not come from Epsom clinicians".

The letter states: "Epsom has only been added in the last two months as an afterthought.

"As Epsom has entered as the fifth site it has been in a minority position from the start and the views of clinicians therefore unable to influence or change the models previously proposed.

"Attempts have been made to exclude those openly opposed to BSBV.

"Speed has been the overriding factor with no detailed modelling or evidence to support the proposals."

Read the full article from Hardeep Matharu at epsomguardian

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