The Ashley Centre awarded Zero to Landfill status @ashley_centre
27th August 2012
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The Ashley Centre is celebrating being awarded Zero to Landfill status, after a new waste management system they implemented meant 100% of waste generated is now recycled.

The Ashley Centre in Epsom recently undertook a full and thorough waste management review. Committed to reducing their waste disposal costs and carbon footprint, the management at The Ashley Centre embarked on a comprehensive review of its total waste management procedure. All the waste collected from retailers is now sorted and compacted, with cardboard and polythene baled on site. This is then transported to a sorting plant to be processed.

100% recycling is achieved by recycling cardboard, paper, polythene and metal, and converting general waste into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). Refuse Derived Fuel is a process which involves waste going to a processing plant, incinerated, then converted into electricity. Since January 2012, the centre has recycled 60 tonnes of cardboard, three tonnes of polythene and two tonnes of metal.

Furthermore, the Centre began replacing all their florescent lights with LED ones in April. By doing this, they have reduced their electricity consumption by 35% and electricity costs by 20%. So far 55% of all fittings have been replaced, with the remaining 45% due for completion by the end of 2012.

 To celebrate achieving Zero to Landfill status, The Ashley Centre ran a series of very successful free family activities with an eco-theme over the summer holidays.

 The Ashley Centre was proud to reach ‘Zero to Landfill’ status and remains committed to working even harder towards lowering their environmental impact.

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