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3rd March 2015
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The Mini Face Lift

Why it's innovative:

The volumetric or three dimensional face-lift is a new breed of less-invasive facial surgery that aims to plump out the face by pulling tissue inside the face back on to the cheekbones to give it a more youthful look rather than cutting away and tightening the skin - the technique used in the more traditional face-lift.

What are the pros? 

You will have fewer scars because the process does not involve as much cutting away of the skin. The technique also aims to give a more attractive look - a fuller, youthful appearance rather than a tight - and potential wind-tunnel - look. This technique is particularly suitable for younger patients - in their 40s and 50s - whose skin is not too wrinkled. 

What does the procedure involve? 

The surgeon makes incisions by each ear to reach the inner face tissue that may have slipped down the face due to ageing. It is pulled back upwards and resuspended on the cheekbones. The traditional face-lift involves making larger incisions by the ears and on the hairline.

How long is the recovery process? 

Between three and ten days, several days less than a traditional face-lift. 

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