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20th November 2015
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It can be really difficult to think of gifts for the kids which they will like – and which will not be bad for them. We so often end up buying sweets – but are they really the right choice when considering the childrens teeth? 

Here Chig Amin of Epsom Dental Centre gives us some great ideas for presents and tips which are much healthier for children – and will not break the bank!! 

Ideas For Healthy, Teeth-Friendly Stocking Fillers This Christmas

We are all culprits of overindulging during the Christmas period: that’s one of the many perks of the holidays! We treat ourselves and we allow our children to treat themselves. However, this is also the perfect time of year to educate your children on the importance of good dental hygiene.

We tell our children to brush and floss twice a day and to avoid eating sugary foods and drinks in between meals, but instead of telling your children how to take care of their teeth, why not encourage them by giving them fun, healthy gifts? Here are just a few ideas you can consider when purchasing the stocking fillers this year:

Go For A Healthier Treat

When you wake up on Christmas morning and open your stocking, you are sure to find an assortment of delicious sweets or chocolates. As we all know, our children will be indulging their sweet tooth throughout the day, so instead of filling the stockings with chocolate variety boxes, fill them with bags of unsalted nuts and sugar free sweets. These delicious festive treats are a better alternative for both their general health and their teeth. 

During Christmas Day, instead of allowing your child to eat sugary foods from morning until night, implement snack time straight after meals. That way they can enjoy their delicious gifts without raising the risk of tooth decay. With an allocated snack time, the teeth are less exposed to the sugars, and can brush soon after to lift away any food debris before it does too much harm to their teeth.

Timing Is Everything

As part of our oral hygiene routine, we should all be brushing our teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time. Although two minutes isn’t a long time, it can sometimes feel like eternity for children who are not fans of brushing their teeth. As a little incentive to keep your children brushing for the appropriate amount of time, add a two-minute timer to their stocking. Timers come in all shapes and sizes, so try and purchase one in their favourite colour, or give them an elaborate, stylish timer, which will look cool sat next to their toothbrush.

Find A Toothbrush They’re Going To Love

There are so many choices of toothbrushes in the shops that you are sure to find one that your child would appreciate. Oral-B has collaborated with Disney in a bid to get children more interested in oral hygiene. Parents can now purchase children’s toothbrushes in the theme of their child’s favourite Disney movie or with their favourite action hero swinging from the brush handle.

Consider including more than one fun toothbrush to their stocking and educate them on the importance of changing their toothbrush regularly. 

All parents want their children have an enjoyable and magical Christmas, but for the sake of their teeth, celebrate in moderation.

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