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13th October 2014
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I was asked by a friend of mine…’so what’s it really like nowadays?”

‘Nowadays! … Oh my goodness, you’re right, I thought!” … Cosmetic Surgery, has been around for long enough for us to think of it as something we are starting to reminisce about,…”well of course, my dear, in my day, we had to stay in the hospital for a whole week after a face lift, or .’well, of course, when your Mother had  her breast implants,  there wasn’t such a great choice as there is now”!  

The fact is that Cosmetic Surgery has been available for many years, its popularity really started in the 1970’s, but there are records of Rhinoplasty that go back to 2000BC.

We don’t have time to go back that far, although its fascinating, but I’m guessing that most of you reading this will want to know…What it really is like nowadays?

Three words spring to mind in answer to that question.




Now, I’m going to ask you all to raise your glasses, and be standing for the Great British Plastic Surgeon.  Without this amazing group of people, research into new and safer techniques wouldn’t have been done.  They talk to each other, they share ideas and new concepts,  Its put all together in a recipe for the best  techniques which when performed in the best of settings, by the best surgeons, will give you the look you wanted.

Techniques for all procedures are constantly being tweaked or redesigned, often to produce a more natural and less ‘plastic’ look  There is a huge surge towards procedures that can be performed under a local anesthetic rather than a general, which means that often your stay in hospital and the time you  have off work can be reduced.  Whilst, I think Lunchtimes should be kept for eating healthily, or if it’s a Friday, having a little treat, whatever that maybe, there is a real feel these days for your procedure being done in a fraction of the time, with a lot less downtime, which, lets face it (no pun intended) makes it easier for us all to get on with our lives, but looking better, and feeling more confident, more free, or just plain downright getting your ‘sass’ back!

So, we have Mini Face Lifts, Eyelid Surgery, eyebrow lifts, Neck Lifts, that can all be done within an hour or two, under a local anesthetic, and then we have the Tummy Tucks, the Breast Augmentation Surgery, the Liposuctions, and many other procedures that might need a little bit of GA.  Postoperatively, larger procedures need a little bit of your TLC. Be good to yourself, eat well, don’t smoke, take our advice, and pick the phone up from time to time if you need a bit of reassurance.   Stitches will need to heal, bruises will need to go, and skin needs to shrink back into place, or stretch into its new place. 

So ‘nowadays’ things are better, no bandage swathing, or staying indoors for six months, and so much more choice, evidence based practice, and that’s not to mention all the wonderful skin care, pressure garments and makeup that help us along ‘Downtime Road’, to make it seem like a stroll and not a marathon.

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