Social Media Tips - We’re living in an age of videos. Dare I say a lazy age?
3rd December 2019
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People haven’t got the time or can’t be bothered to read loads and loads of long copy.

They just want to sit back and watch. 👀

But if you’re not using video in your marketing – then maybe this will make you think about the difference it could make to your business… 

🤑 62% of Consumers Say Watching Videos Makes Them Feel More Confident in Buying 

⌚ There is 88% More Time Spent on websites WITH Video than Without 

😲 1 Billion Visitors Visit YouTube Every Month 

🎬 59% of Company Executives Say they Prefer Video to Text 

📈 Landing Pages With Video Have up to 800% Higher Conversions 

💻 Videos are 53 x More Likely to Appear on the Front Page of Google 

*above stats: Hubspot 2018 

If that doesn’t show you how powerful and impactful video is to those businesses who use it, then I’m not sure what will.

And the good news for those that can’t bear the thought of being in front of the camera(!), there’s plenty of other options you can use to still get the video put together such as animated, stop motion and more. Just give us a call and we can help get some video ideas together to help you grow your business. 👍

 Email: Tele: 01737 350079

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