Social Media and Marketing Tips - Your Business Card
15th January 2020
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Despite all the modern changes businesses have had to adapt to, the basic rules of business never change. Perception is still everything. 

🏆 And if you want to be perceived as a leader in your field, a person to do business with, then your business card has to be very convincing. Your business card is possibly your most prolific print marketing piece.

🙋‍♂️ Does yours demand attention?

🤔 Or does it cause you to be forgotten? 

All the virtual/web interaction in the world will never truly replace one-to-one calls or face-to-face meetings. 🤝

Business cards still matter.

You must seize every advantage! 

Think about it. What sort of impression do you get from others’ business cards? Cheap and flimsy cards make their carriers look unprofessional and amateur. 

Your business card helps - or hurts - as you sell. If yours looks amateurish, you’ll need to work a lot harder to be taken seriously. That’s the last thing you need amidst these changes. 

Is producing quality cards an expense? Yes. But it’s less than you might think and much less costly than a bad impression. Don’t skimp on printing costs. When done properly, they can make even the smallest businesses look like a major player. 🏅 

Your card has to say something. It should scream, “Pay attention! I’m better than everybody else. You need to do business with me!” 

Business cards can be a powerful tool 💪 or a liability 👎. Which one is yours? 



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