Skiing - it's more than 'Benz Ze Kneez' - advice from an #Epsom Chiropractor
14th November 2011
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Skiing holiday planned – are you prepared?
Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your ski break.

Before the holiday.
You wouldn’t expect to run a marathon without preparation – the same with skiing. Having spent the last few months (probably 8 or more) without skiing – and especially if it’s your first time skiing - your body needs to get itself prepared.

      Endurance     Strength     Balance     Flexibility

These are the four main areas you need to work on to get your body ready.

Before for the Skiing
Before heading out in the morning – warm up. The idea of a warm-up is to increase the core temperature in the body, and allow the muscles to be eased into action. This will help you perform better through the day, and will prevent injuries.
Drink plenty of water. The muscles need a constant supply of blood, which will be reduced in the case of dehydration. This will also lead to symptoms such as cramps, fatigue, and even headache. Remember - you need more water when exercising at higher altitudes.

After the Skiing
After leaving the slopes and showering – get those stretches going again. The muscles have been contracting heavily the whole day, they need to be returned to their resting length. This will prevent the worst soreness the following day, reduce the likelihood of injuries, and increase your performance.

The golden rule here is ENJOY.

After the Holiday
Let’s hope the skiing break did not turn into another sort of break or injury. But if it did, contact East Surrey Family Chiropractic for their advice – they are always happy to help.

This advice is brought to you with the compliments of Mika at East Surrey Family Chiropractic – to read the full article please visit SKIING or for more information Email or give Mika a call on

                                       01372 747243
East Surrey Family Chiropractic has regular features covering such topics as sitting correctly – driving in the correct position – core stability – visit their website to see these.

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