Sitting around can harm you - advice from an #Epsom Chiropractor
20th December 2011
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Did you get fed up being told to ”sit up straight it’s good for you” – well they were right it is.

You’re at home and you want to relax – quite right – but the way you sit or sprawl or slump – and stay that way for ages – can be causing you problems.

Twisting around to see the TV – wedged on the settee so you can watch and eat at the same time – too soft a seat so you ’disappear’ in the sofa.

It may seem comfortable at the time – but these positions can cause us long term damage.

Read Mika’s article with some golden rules to help you.

This advice is brought to you with the compliments of Mika at East Surrey Family Chiropractic – to read the full article please visit Sitting at Home or for more information Email or give Mika a call on 01372 747243.

East Surrey Chiropractic have regular features covering such topics as running -skiing – stretching – optimal golf performance - visit their website to see these.

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