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9th July 2014
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10 reasons to write a blog for your small business

 Thinking about blogging but don’t see the value for you and your business? Here are 10 reasons to get blogging right now!

1. Drive traffic to your website – You need to give people a reason to go to your website so what better way than to write a blog.

2. Demonstrate your expertise – You probably don’t realize quite how much you know about your chosen subject. A blog gives you the freedom to share your knowledge with others, showing you are an expert in your field.

3. To provide fresh, up to date content – Blogs are ideal for hints, tips, how-tos and basically sharing great content with others.

4. To engage with your tribe – Building relationships is absolutely key in small businesses.  Consistently engaging is a great way to develop these relationships and keep you in the forefront of people’s minds.

5. To get a better ranking on Google – The more content you post online, the more chance you’ve got of people finding you. Including keywords and links in blogs will increase your chances of search engines finding you.

6. To generate new leads – You can do this by simply adding a lead-generating call to action on every blog post. These are often offering free things such as e-books, fact sheets, free trials etc in exchange for a person’s information. The person is getting value and you’re gaining a valuable lead.

7. To inspire people – It sounds a bit cheesy but offering valuable information – whatever it may be about - means you’re ultimately helping people. You might be helping them to solve a problem or simply inspiring them to get on and do something. Remember your words are powerful.

8. It’s free – Blogging doesn’t need to cost you a penny, it’s simply the cost of your time.

9. It gives you something to talk about on social media platforms – As well as directing people to the blog on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc, you can utilize some of the content on social media too. 

10. Because you want to - Writing a blog is a great way to share your passion on a subject. If you’re passionate about it, chances are your readers will be too. Share the love!

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Clare Jefferis is the Director of She Marketing, helping women business owners in Epsom and the surrounding area to enhance their communications and attract new clients.


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