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17th February 2013
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It’s important in business, whatever industry  – even a school, to get noticed, and that means signs that everyone can see and understand – and give the image you want.

When Southborough High School gained Academy status and became a specialist business and enterprise academy they called upon the services of SIGN-A-RAMA Surbiton to help with the rebranding. 

SIGN-A-RAMA Surbiton’s brief for the project was to upgrade and replace Southborough High School’s external signage in line with their new corporate brand guidelines.  Before starting the project SIGN-A-RAMA undertook a full site survey to ascertain exactly what signage was required.  

The new signage features the academy’s logo and colour scheme.  As part of the project SIGN-A-RAMA Surbiton has installed LED messenger boards that will enable the Academy to communicate messages to their students.  In addition there are illuminated signs on the school buildings and a mixture of aluminium sign trays and post and panels in the academy’s grounds.   The project also included vehicle wrapping the Academy’s mini buses with their new corporate id. 

The team at SIGN-A-RAMA Surbiton had six weeks to complete the project and one of the biggest challenges was the installation of an illuminated sign 15 meters above the ground which required specialist scaffolding.

Speaking about SIGN-A-RAMA, Head teacher Niall Smith said, “SIGN-A-RAMA provided a personalised, attentive service at a reasonable price. Our signage is now of a very high quality and we often receive positive comments on it from parents, visitors and the community at large.

Take a look at your corporate signage – does it work – do people know who you are – does it give the right image – can it be easily seen?

The team at SIGN-A-RAMA Surbiton can help you with all aspects of your signage, from design through to installation, and all types, whether external, internal, promotional, vehicle graphics.

So keep up with the times – follow the signs – and give them a call on

01372 826 373



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