Seduced by a Payday loan? 1 in 3 with unsecured debts are
27th February 2012
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Individual insolvencies are down but the lure of the Payday loan is too strong for 1 in 3 people with unsecured debt.


Recent statistics show that there has been a fall in the number of individual insolvencies – but it’s still at a record high.


Vincent Bond  - Debt Management specialists, have looked at these figures and seen an increase in the number of payday loans being taken out. In fact, in the next 6 months the figures suggest that around 3.5 million people will take out a payday loan.


Are Payday loans really the right solution?


Read their excellent article– Seduced by Payday Loans – it could prove very helpful.


To learn more about Vincent Bond & Co and see why we think they are theBest see our feature.

Remember: always look for DEMSA OFT Accreditation when seeking Debt Management Advice.

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