Sciatica - Lumbago - Slipped Disc - do these really explain your back problems?
15th February 2012
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Many of us suffer from back problems, and we tend to give them names such as sciatica, lumbago, slipped disc. That’s fine but underneath these names hides the real reason for the pain.

Ok we have sciatic pain – but why – what is causing the sciatica?

Yes you could take pain killers in the hope of relief – but they simply mask the pain – they do not treat the cause. Do you know what the cause is?

From my own experience – I woke one morning with terrible pain in my ankle – to eventually find out my ankle was fine – I in fact had a back problem.

Before anything can be treated successfully – you need to know what is causing it. Is it skeletal, muscular, vascular – is it persistent or fleeting, and importantly - you may have back ache but is it really due to your back?

The human body is a complex and complicated structure and so many different things can affect its performance – medical conditions – injuries – diet –lifestyle – age etc.

The chiropractors at East Surrey Family Chiropractic understand the logic of our bodies. They are skilled and trained to look at all the various aspects which can affect our skeletal structure. Chiropractic manipulation treatments are recognised and recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence ).

Take that first step  - give them a call.

The practice owner and chiropractor Mika, has written an excellent article related to back problems .

For more information on East Surrey Family Chiropractic see our feature.

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