10th November 2020
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Hollie a carer from Tadowrth has put out the following request:


Harry’s 100th BIRTHDAY! 

"Hi all I am a carer and one of my clients and friend Harry Field is turning 100 in just over week. 

He’s not in great health , depressed he’s going to be stuck in and lonely can’t get to the pub! not happy with boris! 

He’s sharp as a pin mentally and hates social media, he thinks it’s taken people away from each other. 

Wondering if anyone would send a card to show him the good social media can do! and make it special.. I feel so sorry for him a war veteran one of the most humble, clever , brave people I’ve ever met. lost his wife 7 years ago and his dog shortly after and going to make 100 god willing under lock down! If you would like to help please send the cards to me and i’ll make sure he gets any that come."

598 Kingston road Raynes Park SW20 8DN

(The address ia Hollie's friends who has a shop where she can collect the cards)


Go on - it's just a card and a stamp and could make a really special Birthday for Harry!

Harry’s Birthday is the 21st November

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