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12th August 2013
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Do you give your children Vitamin C to help prevent colds?

Do you use multivitamins to keep on top of life?

Do you take Vitamin D to help strengthen your bones as you get older?

Maybe B6 to get the right hormone balance?

Antioxidants to help your body’s defences?

Multivitamins – Vitamins A,B,C,D,E,K -  Magnesium – Potassium – Iron – Zinc

These are all under threat

Under the EU Food Supplements Directive, many of the popular nutritional supplements which we rely on could be at risk of being banned. For others a restriction in the maximum allowable levels of vitamins and minerals is intended. WHY – so the EU can bring the UK’s supplement strengths into line the other EU countries.

SOS is a campaign to try and stop these changes.

Organised by Consumers for Health Choice, an independent, not-for-profit body with over 25,000 supporters. It relies 100% on supporters contributions.

They believe the vitamin and mineral supplements products on sale within the UK are safe for use – and that consumers should be free to make informed choices for themselves – without interference from the EU.

You can help – sign their petition- write to your MP or MEP - Spread the word – make a donation

For more information visit:

SOS Save Our Supplements

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