Protect your home from ice & snow in Epsom with Heat Mat systems at Spring Electrical @springewell
20th November 2013
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The damage done by a burst pipe can be horrendous – OK you may be insured but being without water can be a trial and the clearing up….. You may be able to stop it if you’re there – but imagine coming back from a holiday and finding your home in turmoil.

Even if you are not going away – how can you be sure that any pipework, exposed to the elements will not be affected?

And it’s not just pipes which are affected by the cold. There’s your roof and guttering, driveways and paths.

Spring Electrical in Ewell recommend HEAT MAT Ice & Snow Systems.

They offer protection across the board:

Pipe Guard – simple and maintenance free – protecting pipe work from freezing.

Roof & Gutter Protection – protection against ice and snow melting – gutters roofs, valleys and drainage channels.

Drive Way De-icing & Construction Site Solutions –ice and snowing clearing for drive, paths, car parks, ramps.

Trace Heating – self-limiting cable to prevent freezing on pipes, sprinklers etc.

Protect your home, office or construction site now – before the weather sets in. 

See the HEAT MAT brochure below.

For more information give Spring Electrical a call on

 0208 393 4000



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