Poles Apart- Nordic Walking
23rd May 2014
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Poles Apart - Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is an enhancement of ordinary walking.  It is a specific technique which uses poles.  It’s not to be confused with trekking or hill walking, as Nordic Walking poles are planted behind you in order to propel you along.  This engages the upper body and makes you feel lighter on your feet i.e. The human equivalent of 4 wheel drive!


The answer is almost anyone.  As it can be done at a variety of levels the Technique is flexible to your needs.  Enabling you to achieve and maintain a fitness level that is right for you.

At its basic level it can be used to simply maintain your health and wellbeing.  It allows you to start gently and progress steadily at a pace that is suitable for you.  It enables fitness and endurance to be built up gradually over time.

At the other extreme, being a highly effective method of cross-training, the Progressive techniques are used by sports people, such as skiers, to maintain their fitness levels out of season.

Because the technique uses all four limbs i.e. the upper and lower body, it can help to reduce stress on the knees and hips compared to normal walking.

It’s also great for office workers as it encourages better posture leading to improvements in neck and shoulder discomfort.

It’s your choice, whether.....

You’d just like to give a try and see if it’s for you;

Your mind is made up and you want to learn the technique;

You’d like to learn alone or with a friend; or

Your already technique trained and just want to join others in a regular class

There are a variety of options are available to you and are outlined below:

Taster Sessions - FREE:  This is an opportunity to be introduced to Nordic Walking, get the poles on your wrists and have a walk!   Session lasts for approx. 45mins-1hour including pole set up, warm up and cool down.

Includes the use of poles.

There is NO obligation to attend further courses if you decide Nordic walking is not for you after the Taster Session.

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MOBILE: 07586 456 682

EMAIL: lynn@polesapart.biz

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