No soggy bottoms allowed. Market your business like The Great British Bake Off @Clarejefferis
28th August 2014
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No soggy bottoms allowed.

Market your business like The Great British Bake Off.

I’m looking forward to curling up on the sofa for another episode of The Great British Bake Off (GBBO). And before you say anything, it has nothing to do with Paul Hollywood’s eyes. Err, no, absolutely not!

For anyone who hasn’t experienced the GBBO (seriously you’re really missing out), each week the contestants perform three baking challenges with one contestant named the star baker and one kicked out of the show. It’s harsh but that’s life; there are always winners and losers and the contestants seem to all take it with dignity and grace. Though I have heard a rumour that someone throws a hissy fit tonight and walks out. I’m not saying anything more…

Ok, that’s enough of my adorations! The reason I’ve mentioned the GBBO is that the three challenges they perform in the show can be linked to how you can successfully market your business.

Challenge 1 - the Signature Bake or your Signature Offering.

This is about the contestants using a tried and tested recipe that they know they’re good at.

So what are you good at in your business?  What is your signature offering? Think about the one thing that you do well and that you can churn out time and time again. It might be your best selling product.  It might be a service that’s at the core of what you do. Whatever it is, this needs to be the thing that people know you for.

Your signature offering could be down to the simplicity of what you offer, ie you only offer one thing in your business. For example, if you make cakes it might be that you just make one type of cake and nothing else. Take a look at the baking tree who only makes Cake Pops. Yes, they do them in different flavours and toppings but they’re known for their Cake Pops. Think carefully about your signature offering – simplicity is key.

Challenge 2 – the Technical Challenge or Going That Extra Mile

This is when the bakers are given a dish to make but they don’t know what it is until just before they’re asked to bake and are only given a few instructions.  It’s about using their initiative and thinking on their feet.

How do you do this in your business? For example you might have been asked to step in for someone at the last minute or you might have done something way out that you don’t normally do. Show your initiative. Show how you go that extra mile for your customers. This will make you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your flexibility and your willingness to serve your customers.  

Challenge 3 – the Showstopper or Standing Out From The Crowd!

Lastly, there’s the showstopper. This is where the bakers are given a task but it’s down to them to really wow the judges. What can they do to really stand out and get noticed? 

So what’s your big wow?  What is it that you do that nobody else can? Yes, there will be something!  You need to know what the one thing is that sets you apart from the others – that gets you noticed and standing out from the crowd.  It might be the product or service you offer or it might be how you do things, eg the way you interact with your customers or the level of customer service you offer. People need to know what your wow is! 

So, to recap I want you to think about three things:

  1. What are you really really good at? This is your signature offering.

  2. How do you show you go that extra mile for your customers? This is about demonstrating your willingness to step up and step out.

  3. What is it that you do that no-one else does. This is your showstopper, your big wow!

Know the answer to these three questions and apply them to your marketing and you’ll be awarded the star business owner prize. No soggy bottoms for you!  Choose to ignore these and you could be saying goodbye to all your hard work.

Marketing your business is about being confident about what you can do for your customer and then telling people that. Once you know that, it’s a piece of cake!

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Clare Jefferis is the Director of She Marketing, helping women business owners in Epsom and the surrounding area to enhance their communications and attract new clients.

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