New scheme to deter traders from selling stolen jewellery
19th June 2012
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Surrey Police have launched a new scheme to deter traders from selling stolen jewellery.

The Gold Standard, a voluntary code of conduct for the buying of second-hand precious metals and jewellery, has been developed with the three main jewellery trade associations - the National Association of Goldsmiths, the British Jewellers' Association and the National Pawnbrokers Association.

Traders voluntarily agree to introduce verification, evaluation and best practice protocols to give the retailer and customer a greater sense of security.

Temporary Superintendent Darren McInnes said: "When the price of gold is high we can see a rise in burglaries where gold and jewellery may be targeted.

"The Gold Standard is a national code of conduct aiming to reduce the opportunity to sell stolen precious metal jewellery in quick, anonymous sales.

"If there's no market for thieves to profit from, there's no need for the crime."

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