Marketing Tips – Surveys
5th March 2020
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💭Remember the days of when the doorbell would ring and there stood, with clipboard in hand, was a rep from Company X looking for people’s feedback on their latest product. 📋

Annoying as this sometimes was for the consumer, this primitive way of gaining feedback was vital for businesses and their owners to know what their consumers liked and disliked about their “thing”.

But thankfully, for everyone, times have changed, and technology has moved on encompassing the likes of after-sales emails, online feedback forms and surveys, which makes it’s so much easier for businesses to send out surveys in a less interruptive and intrusive, (and cost effective), way. 📝

⌛💸 Although organisations are spending considerable time and money on their surveying processes the lingering feeling is that organisations could, and indeed should, be doing so much more – and it can cost a lot less than you might think! 👍

The general standard of experience delivered by organisations is higher than ever, meaning that if your customer experience is “OK”, that really is the equivalent of what “Poor” was 10 years ago. 😲  

Remember, the best judge of your customer experience is – surprise, surprise – your customer. So regular customer surveying enables you to identify any problems that are emerging that could compromise the experience you deliver, or if something is going well that you can amplify and drive it forward.

Reaching out to customers is good service, Giving customers an opportunity to explain their issues and reassuring them that if they’ve experienced a problem that it will be resolved which can reduce their frustrations and help you to keep their future custom. And if they’ve had a great experience you can use their comments as a trigger to ask them to leave a review.🤑

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